Friday, 29 June 2012

A moot point about the sun rising!

A moot point about the sun rising!

When the indubitable realized and unrealized consequences of Gillard's  unique ill - conceived, economically irrational  socially catastrophic, pathetically usurious, misnamed,  plainly ignorant Marxist AKA social - justice - based  carbon dioxide tax have had their multifarious consequences, it will be a moot point as to who remembers their currently parroted asinine byline about the sun still rising in their utopian world.

They will be gone soon - sadly not before they will have damaged everything they touched.

Think how many lives could have been saved if the waste of hundreds of billions of dollars these professional twirps waste of this  mega - incompetent government had gone into medical research!

Any thinking person will wonder how this government can create so many disasters.
It is obvious to me: it is all a brilliant  ruse. First create so many imbecilic policies then waste so much money, manifestly create lots of  enquiries non acted upon, vitiate any semblence of common sense - and do it so rapidly that they think none of them can be absorbed in all their trite ineptitudinous execritudes!

I have created a couple of new words; it is necessary to describe it in some sort of context.

But they are wrong: the biographers creating their obituary: no one will revisit their sepulcher: there will be no resurrection for the left in our lifetime. 

And perhaps worse of all - they have no one who even thinks about fixing things.
No one who believes there are consequences in everything a government does.

 History will be brutal.

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