Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lyons self - lionised again

From: g87
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2013 12:57 PM
To: the australian Lyon self - lionised again
Subject: Lyon self - lionised again

Dear Mr Mitchell
When will Lyons ever be accountable?
Will you publish this brief true dissertation or do you feel like supporting Lyons?
Lyon the the left.
In rush,,, my grandchildren are here,,,

Nothing is beyond the proverbial pale for John Lyons 18/5 Film draws discomforting home truths from Israeli security chiefs.
Quote ad discreditum an extremist Israeli filmaker who in turn manages to find six former dissatisfied members of Shin Bet and thus feel safe in more absurdiums galore.
They are only six against major historical truths! No matter how many other strange entities he brings to his absurdist propaganda piece
I have seen this ahistorical discreditable tactic used by JL and others many times before: The Australian on a good day actually apologized on his behalf.

But never will Lyons apologise – say for his current article which has a similarity of the media’s lauding of Jenin Jenin many years ago; complete with refusenik Israeli soldiers broadcast by SBS for ‘balance.’
Nor will the media or Lyons apologise for lauding the self – discredited Richard Goldstone report.

'Goldstone owes Israel apology for war crimes accusations' | JPost ...
Apr 3, 2011 – Peres says retired judge ignored reasons for Cast Lead, Israel still one of most moral armies; Barak: Goldstone apology is too little, too late; ...\

Lyons even has the chutzpah of blaming the Israeli government for not watching the Oscars, for plainly not regarding his vomituos diatribe as meriting an Oscar, blaming Israel for not being able to achieve peace with enemies who avow her destruction – and even for apparently uselesly trying to communicate with Hamas. Israel cannot win.
His article requires a 20,000 word thesis to disclose the complete fraud that is resident on all linesa and all tangents: there is even an attempt to glean merit for one of his dissemblers because he suffered in the holocaust and hunted a Nazi!
Understand that history will not be kind to this writer or the disparate range of acolytes who foist this article and dangerously flawed film on us.
Sadly there will be lots of people who accept this anti - Israel film as a true representation of reality – even if my lettre is published
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183
03 9525 9299

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