Friday, 9 December 2011

Reschuffles and Just when you thought Labor / Labor humiliations.

New addenda see below reshuffle!!..."The Devil You Know"

Just when you thought Labor could not humiliate themselves any more...
Today Stephen Conroy attacked his government's Productivity Commission  because they have finally publicised the $40+ Billion NBN scam. It is a mere addenda to Labor's  shame.
Gillard, Rudd and all in Labor are  responsible for scores of major catastrophes and surely over a couple of hundred mere disasters. Some biographer may try to count this inglorious record one day.
Here is my suggestion: write the book as a diary: you will find that Gillard daily made comments and decisions that put Whitlam to shame.
These professional disaster - areas managed to: 
  • Make a mess of the Secret Labor Review of Gillard's performances.
  • Ignored salient warnings on Climate Lunacy - otherwise known as Climate Change / Global Warming / Greenhouse Effect.
  • Ignored the daily arrival of illegal boats.
  •  Debauch the tender process in their pathetic attacks on Rudd and The Australian [Strange comrades, non?]
  • Reshuffle of the deckchairs ... now imminent. Why even yes Minister was not so absurd in "The Devil You Know"
Merely in the past few days...
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