Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Three new one - day Labor catastrophes - or mere disasters?

Three new one - day  Labor catastrophes - or mere disasters?

Gillard's atavistic socialist troglodytes have managed a troika of catastrophes [or plain disasters] manifest in  merely one day's headlines. Surely some sort of record - giving her proletariat the title of the world's worst government - with perhaps more than  fifty [50] discrete self - inflicted humiliations.
Here  is a current mini list - surely due to be forgotten when tomorrow's heroic failures are instigated.
  1.  Homosexual marriage touted by them to be an election winner. It is a dismal delusion.
  2. Tender process fraud for Australia Network. ABC openly humiliated.
  3. Trying to censure their 'secret report' on their own dysfunctional party. 
Behind most of the above is the leadership tension with Rudd.

If one goes back a mere few days - there are so many more self - inflicted asinities.

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