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INCREASE FOOD PRODUCTION? Farmers will simply have an incentive to ignore food crops.

  • INCREASE FOOD PRODUCTION? Farmers will simply have an incentive to ignore food crops.
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    INCREASE FOOD PRODUCTION? Farmers will simply have an incentive to ignore food crops.

    The awesome ineptitude of this Labored [laboured / belaboured?] government can be gleaned from any or all the following.

    1. Critically examine what Gillard, her political henchmen and acolytes claim as achievements. Critically examine the understanding of their internecine spin through the auspices of even the paucity of  true believers: never mind asking what the majority of sane voters claim. 
    2. In other words - the polls have decimated them and their Marxist policies.
    3. Then examine what she / they said against what they actually did. Or more correctly, what they admit to having said and what was actually said. Ne'er will they agree that an untenable credibility gap exists in all realms, permutations and post - modernist twists of their shot credibility. 
    4. One need not even bother contemplating a real - world standard basic truth: theyhave unilaterally rewritten and reconfigured the barest elements of clear thinking, or credible governance. 
    5. It is amazing that even inevitable, direct, and usually devastating  consequences escape their ken.
    6. And worse - no one has the courage to tell them the emperess is denuded - an unpleasant visages.Nothing fazes them from creating so many disasters that not even political tragics can keep count.

    7. Pathetically, the latest  public announcements are doozies.
    They want to increase food production to feed the world. Ignoring that their proudly - proffered climate policy which  encourages farmers to - wait for it - grow trees!
    Yes - farmers will simply have an incentive to ignore food crops and become tree farmers; to sell to steel producers a paper puffery -  nefarious, fraudulent carbon credits.

    Julia! How is it possible to be so ineptly idiotic? Is there any standard of performance you ever think yourself accountable for?
    Never mind the lies and distortions and economically -  irrational idea of essentially forcing heavy industry to becoming uncompetitive on the world market.
    So - they wreck two basically disparate businesses in one step. Heroic.
    How many billions of Dollars have you wasted in protecting the moribund car manufacturing industry? 
    Finally you realize it is a bottomless pit.
    But there is more!
    Maybe Gillard now belatedly realizes that her outrageous Industrial Relations policies - the so called Fair Work scam - is significantly behind the multiple failures with Ford, holden et al!

    So there you have it: the luvvies never feel the yearning to say they are sorry!

    Instead historians will have to find suitable language that enables the reader to believe that it is a biography they read - not wild fiction.

    Their systemic devolution into by far the worst government has been ceded to them by Whitlam. The only question is how much damage they will cause before they are cut down.

    On a good day one thinks they are merely politically deranged - with their  'heroic' well over 400 multiple disasters.

    Up the Abbot revolution - when it comes TA will save a score of billion dollars by establishing a Royal Commission into Climate Lunacy!

    Geoff Seidner
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