Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New management - speak: Julia's shirpa!

Gillard will not be around to enjoy her Shirpa's Shirpa!
Julia and her management group are plainly not even embarrased advertising for her 'sherpa's shirpa: both to help her with the oh - so - far - away G20 meeting in 2014!

Did you get that? A sherpa to help another sherpa to help her in trying to win the electoral cold - heart of Queenslanders!
See page 4 of The Australian 14/7/2012: compare the tortuous syntax, the pathetic moribund managent - speak - or merely the astonishing lack of judgement by this woman of waffle.

Compare it with the professional Queensland government ad  looking for talented business professional to cut costs - Office of Best Practice et al. Page 5 of the same apaper.

A few short months ago ABC's Tony Jones mocked Qld Premier Campbell Newman for cutting moneys to the Arts. [Q & A]
 The ABC and Labor manage to heap disgrace upon high farce laden with a shameless disregrad for the job she leaves historians!


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