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Dear Paul Davies,
I have followed your career and am familiar with your work in  ethereal physics.
With wry bemusement I note how you have misrepresented the terms of reference of the Templeton Prize which you won in 1995.
The below are disparate descriptors ex Wikipedia and from your own website.

I recall the bemusement that people felt about the Templeton organization in awarding you the magnificent sinecure of US $1.7 million. To an avowed atheist - for ''progress in religion''

Because THAT was the term of reference of the prize.

For a while - a good while - you were cognisant  of your responsibilities moral to not viciously espouse your plainly - held atheist / anti religious ideas - and to be generally pleasant in your verbal outpourings.

I used to contemplate how different your attitude was to Richard Dawkins - the militantly - anti - religious ethereal physicist. I have now made the same alleged typo - error twice!  

But that was a long time ago: you have not denied that you have obscenely referred to the missing Boson as god - damned particle! Call it  vernacular language if you like: but obscene it is to the Templeton people who have 1,700,000 reasons for decrying ever giving you their prize!
And obscene it is to probably half the world! [please do not debate the numbers with me]

Never mind the humbug - which via this nomenclature - you have clearly created.

So Mr Davies -  you now call your home the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

I would have thought that science was science without the defacto  political nomenclature of Liberal.
It is so oxymoronic or strained or merely slightly silly.

Now the real reason for writing to you.
I want your support!

I want you to agree with me that ethereal physicists' besotted dream re the Higgs Boson is  merely an ode to bachus!

Please see the links below.
Pass it around your ethereal class.
Discuss it vigorously - and write a paper!

You may become the person to write the first major paper antithetical to Bachus / Boson, which simultaneously challenges ethereal physicists!

Yours Sincerely,

Geoff Seidner


  1. Directly opposed or contrasted; mutually incompatible.
  2. Connected with, containing, or using the rhetorical device of antithesis.


www.columbia.edu/dlc/garland/deweever/B/bachus.htm - Block columbia.edu
BACHUS, BACUS. Bacchus is a Lydian name for Dionysus, the Thracian fertility god. A son of Jupiter, he later became the god of wine. Jupiter visited Semele ...

Until 2001, the name of the prize was "Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion", and from 2002 to 2008 it was called the "Templeton Prize for Progress Toward Research or Discoveries about Spiritual Realities"

+ Templeton Prize

When and where?
I was awarded the 1995 Templeton Prize for my work on the deeper significance of science.



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