Sunday, 8 January 2012

Economically Irrational Labor

 Sunday 8 Jan 2012
Economically Irrational Labor
It seems trite to hold Labor accountable for the simply irrational, logically inverted moniker they created in their pathetic attempt to decry economically rational policies. People will say they have done worse than their double - inversion of common sence by re - inventing the term 'economic rationalism'; by deeming it an insult. A uniquely Labor form of abuse.
  1. They start with attributing heartlessness to the Right [H R Nichols Society] in being economically rational.
  2. Decades ago the proletariat of Labor made plain they were contemptuous of the idea and the phrase. So by constant derisory repetition - without any thought that they were indicting themselves as economically irrational - they have effectively had a real effect on the political meaning of the word.
  3.  I think this says much about the Media - that they were allowed to get away with it!
  4. Now the term is not used often. You cannot be sure what the user means unless one is able to glean it from the context or the identity of the author.
The above is yet another indictment of Labor - the party beloving creations that make no sense - like their plea to Russian pilots of another era to not bomb us.
Sadly the signs should have been pointed at the sky so the  illiterate Ruskies could read them!
How silly they are - Lenin's useful idiots!
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