Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Socially Inclusive board and the attendant opiatic effect on the masses.

Socially Inclusive board and the attendant opiatic effect on the masses.

Heroic attempts by the chairman - Social Inclusion Board calls for job mentors 10/1 does not explain the inexplicable.
It is the pathetic manifest need of Labor governments increating expensive supplementary ministries [Cabinet ranking mind you] whose asinine purpose is that their other qangos be enabled in their work! She essentially admits as much!

Surely I am allowed to call the S I ministry a qango?
If given a mandate Labor troglodytes will create other exegetical ministries / qangos - ad infinitum!
Yet the good woman claims naivete as an excuse: ''I have no idea'' [why her attempts at noblesse oblige is being attacked.]
I will tell her why.
The prolix, prolific, unintelligible waffle; weasel words; waste and if the above does not get through to her - then how about the post - modernist insult to the pleibian's already dumbed - down collective intelligence?
Note editor - intelligence should never be pluralised - another latter - day leftist assult on the language.

This is Gillard's secret plan for re- election: treat the electorate liked dumbed - down somnolent morons.
The PM has a soporific, hypnotic - nay opiatic effect on the electorate. With derivated apology to Marx.
The Socially - Inclusive Ministry and it's centrally - planned attendant opiatic effect on the masses is part of her 5 year plan for converting the proletariat into lazy languid twirps.
Surely doomed to failure - if I have anything to do with it!

Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Grove
East St Kilda 3183

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