Sunday, 29 January 2012

We live in the dumbest of post - modernist times:

We live in the dumbest of post - modernist times:

Not only are Labor and leaders Gillard, Rudd State Labor and all acolytes unable to act in a reasonable manner in any circumstances - but now we have proof that the staffers have always been similarly incompetent.
Gillard has four press secretaries - all young twirps who like Rudd's staffers know not how to advise.
Remember the 6000 word dirge they proudly helped K07 create?.
I think the US president has only one press secretary.
Indeed as a wag wrote recently: ''no leftist has ever won a rational argument''  Graeme Osborne Letters 24/1
Indeed they have perverted terms to absurdity - eg 'economic rationalism' is / was an insult.The obverse of what it plainly is.
Sadly there should be a dictionary for their leftist words and a comedy book for their absurd childish ill - thought  policies.
They have long ago given up  thinking about the law of unintended consequences: by decrying  and ignoring the law of intended consequences. That takes some doing: seemingly they deliberately create disaster after disaster to obviate rational accountability!
Too many to count - and repeated to boot!
Regularly Gillard humiliates herself by writing mush: eg  on her raison d'etre - education.
The Australian Lifting kids success level The Australian 28/1/12
Kevin Donelly same page humiliates the poor woman! If she had children they would sue her for the inequitable allocation of genes.
What is there for this miserable party to 'achieve' as by far the worst government in history!

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