Monday, 2 January 2012

Esoteric, ephemeral, irrelevant, inane, misleading and plain wrong!

Esoteric, ephemeral, irrelevant, inane, misleading and plain wrong!
Most of your letter writers 2/1 Climate change a slogging match of claim v claim badly miss the real - world issue of the multiple frauds that have been unashamedly committed by the IPCC, University of East Anglia and too many universities and science - organizations promulgating their gravy train - climate change.
Prolix discussions on geology - basis events that may or may not have happened millions of years ago - relying on  ice core samples too closely examined by protagonists to vouchsafe whatever they want to vouchsafe. It is trite at best - and  esoteric, ephemeral, irrelevant, inane, misleading and plain wrong as well!
One of the letter writers seeks sanctuary in niceness: ''...real science [and no more] name calling that has characterizedit in the past?''
This debate has sadly got to the stage that too many will pathetically designate my diatribe as a 'throwback' to his artificially created new world order of the nice! They have so plainly lost it!
Let it be understood that the progenitor of this contrived storm of the true believers - Professor Mike Sandford is clearly an active participant, committed to the cause of the greenhouse effect, global warming - recently rebadged climate change. Thus simplistic twirps can use anything to delineate anything to be anything.

Alice in Wonderland resurrected.
And that is what has happened in their discreditable post - modernist , non accountable world of the new left.
As Shakespeare would have said: much ado about nothing.
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