Monday, 30 January 2012

How to compare Khemlani affair with Gillard's internicine idiocies?

How to compare the Khemlani affair with Gillard's internicine idiocies?

Remember that Malcolm Fraser blocked supply and was re - elected in spite of the deep - seated  hatred from the left.

Whitlam had at least two hapless Treasurers: Simon Crean's father Frank would answer questions by trying to disarm the questioner with another question: 'What would you do'?

Jim Cairns proudly announced that ''If I can save jobs by printing more money - I will print more money.''
Somehow Cairns nearly became  PM!

Furthermore, he could contemplate the interesting Junie Morosi as he was trying to sell his moribund  memoirs at South Melbourne market towards the end of his wasted life.

Nothing that Wayne Swan is doing will be remotely comparable.

  1. Junie Morosi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to Jim Cairns‎: Tom Uren, another Whitlam minister and one of Cairns's closest friends, later recorded that "Jim and Junie were attracted to each ...

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