Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How typically Labored the left  are in all levels of governance / government.
Premier Bligh gives 'Garden leave' to those in - situ - thus responsible for the Queensland floods. Simultaneously asking hapless voters not to blame them because they were not the managers in charge!
 Her namesake Governor Bligh would not have had the gall to do what she is surely setting up. To try to ensure that even the managers will not be held responsible. Perish the thought that she would be blamed by being  dragged from under the bed in the March Rum Rebellion by voters.

It is in the same realm - that none of the left's governments of the  troika - Federal, Municipal or State are / were interested in the lunacy of their experts' besotted predictions about ''...the reservoirs will never be filled again.''
Nor are they now interested that they acted to legally stop homeowners from protecting their homes from bushfire risk!
So - Labor is discredited when it is wet or dry, hot or cold, floods or drought.

They fail to build reservoirs to ensure cheap adequate water, waste money on desalination plants, then Bligh's mob build reservoirs - and fail to look after basic life -saving maintenance!
They all deserve to be destroyed by the voters who can see that the reason why the true believers rebadged 'global warming' as climate change.

They must have thought that reality would never catch up with them.

Geoff Seidner

Rum Rebellion

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The Rum Rebellion of 1808 was the only successful armed takeover of government in Australia's history. The Governor of New South WalesWilliam Bligh, was deposed by the New South Wales Corps under the command of Major George Johnston, working closely with John Macarthur, on 26 January 1808, 20 years to the day after Arthur Phillip founded
 European settlement in Australia. Afterwards, the colony was ruled by the military, with the senior military officer
 stationed in Sydney acting as the Lieutenant-Governor of the colony until the arrival from Britain of Major-General 
Lachlan Macquarie as the new Governor at the beginning of 1810.

One of Us (Yes, Prime Minister) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Prime_Minister)
List of Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister episodes ... The PM is minded to send Sir Humphrey on gardening leave until the matter is fully investigated.

One of Us (Yes, Prime Minister)

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Jim Hacker gets back to his apartment above 10 Downing Street just in time to sit down with his wife, Annie, and watch the end of a television news bulletin. He is upset that the report of his performance at Prime Minister’s Questions, which he regarded as one of his best, has been dropped in favour of a story concerning Benji, an Old English sheepdog owned by an eight-year-old girl, which has strayed on to an artillery range on Salisbury Plain. The Ministry of Defencehas ruled out a rescue, and Annie is aggrieved at its decision.
Back at work, Hacker meets with Sir Geoffrey Hastings, the Director General of MI5, who has a serious disclosure. It has transpired that the late Sir John Halstead, Sir Geoffrey’s predecessor during the 1960s, was a Russian spy. In the 1970s, there was an inquiry into his activities that cleared him. However, its official head was a senile peer, and most of the actual inquiry was carried out none other than Sir Humphrey Appleby. The Prime Minister is urged to conduct an inquiry of his own, in order to ascertain that the Cabinet Secretary is “one of us.”
Hacker meets Sir Humphrey and is at first more concerned with his plummeting opinion poll ratings. He wishes to be more relevant, but Sir Humphrey points out that the only topic occupying the nation at present is a lost dog on Salisbury Plain. The PM then turns to his “security matter.” Sir Humphrey readily admits that government security inquiries are primarily designed to kill press speculation, and in any case, he was certain of Sir John Halstead’s integrity. He is therefore unprepared for the truth, and still can’t quite believe it when Hacker enlightens him. He protests that he was a busy man at the time and couldn’t look into everything, as “you never know what you might find.” Nevertheless, Hacker tells him, he was either in collusion or incompetent. The PM is minded to send Sir Humphrey on gardening leave until the matter is fully investigated. However, Hacker confesses that he has no experience of such things and wishes to speak to Sir Humphrey’s predecessor, Sir Arnold Robinson, to ask his advice. He forbids Sir Humphrey to contact him beforehand, and the mandarin states that he “wouldn’t dream of it.”
Sir Humphrey meets Sir Arnold, who is unwilling to give his former subordinate the benefit of the doubt. Sir Humphrey tells him that he can’t be a spy as he never studied at Cambridge; moreover, he has never believed in anything in his life. He implicates Sir Arnold in instructing him to clear Sir John Halstead but naturally he has no written evidence. Sir Arnold contemplates the likely scenario if Sir Humphrey is innocent: he would still be viewed as incompetent. Since Hacker could easily sweep the matter under the rug by blaming the peer who was supposed to be in charge of the inquiry, Sir Arnold deduces that Hacker's actual intention is to find grounds to remove Sir Humphrey from his position, after which Hacker would be free to replace the entire Civil Service leadership with people more amenable to his policies. Sir Arnold's solution is for Sir Humphrey to make himself so valuable to the PM that Hacker could not afford to lose him. He proposes that Hacker be given a leading role in the main news story of the day…the lost dog on Salisbury Plain.
In the Cabinet Office, Sir Humphrey meets Sir Norman Block, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, who is incredulous at the suggestion that the dog be rescued—potentially a very expensive operation. However, as Sir Humphrey indicates, if it goes ahead, and the true cost is hidden from the PM until afterwards, it would make it very difficult for the PM to continue with his ongoing battle for defence cuts. He instructs Sir Norman to put the army on standby and makes him promise that Hacker will get all the credit.
Meanwhile, Hacker is interviewing Sir Arnold. The PM is relieved to discover that he can clear Sir Humphrey on security grounds: Sir John Halstead provided a damning assessment of the Cabinet Secretary’s inquisitorial skills, which Sir Arnold has managed to procure from MI5. There remains the question of incompetence, but Sir Arnold reminds the PM that inquiries into such matters usually lead back to mistakes by ministers. After Sir Arnold has left, Sir Humphrey joins the PM. Hacker can scarcely conceal his glee at reading out the exonerating evidence: “…so much wool in his head, it was child’s play to pull it over his eyes.” Sir Humphrey is forced to swallow the accusation, but steers the conversation from his alleged ineptitude by referring to Hacker’s current popularity ratings and how these may be improved. He convinces the PM to allow the dog rescue to go ahead.
After a successful canine retrieval, Hacker is overwhelmed by his coverage in the tabloids, and Sir Humphrey is hard-pressed to draw his attention away from them. He wishes to recommend that the planned defence cuts be referred to a Cabinet Committee and, before the PM can protest, gives him the provisional costings for the operation on Salisbury Plain. They amount to £310,000: Sir Humphrey’s plan has worked.


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