Sunday, 19 February 2012

Non compos mentis Labor in Latin


or Vale dare pondus idonea fumo 
Contemplate the denouement of the adjective - challenging, non compis mentis Gillard government.
I may have to sharpen my Latin insults; an unsuccessful Rudd will surely be undermining the hapless woman from the backbench.

The resultant inevitable unravelling of the so - called 'Labor brand' will surely mean the destruction of the true believers.

Think of it: no one will ever forget this mob who are dare pondus idonea fumo; fit only to give weight to smoke.

We are living in interesting / unprecedented  times. 
Geoff Seidner


Non compos mentis

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Non compos mentis is a term meaning 'not of sound mind'.
 Non compos mentis derives from the Latin non meaning

 "not", compos meaning "having (command of)", and
 mentis (genitive singular of mens), meaning "mind". It is 
the direct opposite of Compos mentis (of a composed mind).


Although typically used in law, this term can also be used
 metaphorically or figuratively; e.g. when one is in a confused
 state, intoxicated, or not of sound mind.
Also applicable in health care, when a determination of 
competency needs to be made by a physician for purposes
 of obtaining informed consent for treatments and, if 
necessary, assigning a surrogate to make health care 
decisions. While the proper sphere for this determination 
is in a court of law, this is practically, and most frequently, 
made by physicians in the clinical setting.[1]
In English law, the rule of non compos mentis was most
 commonly used when the defendant invoked religious or
 magical explanations for behaviour.

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Latin Insults

dare pondus idonea fumo
Fit only to give weight to smoke (Persius)
ab asino lanam
Wool from an ass (blood from a stone)

Latin Tell-Offs

delphinum natare doces
You are teaching a dolphin to swim
adversus solem ne loquitor
Don't speak against the sun (i.e., an obvious fact)
age quod agis
Do what you are doing (i.e., stop looking around/bugging me and pay attention to what you are doing)
brutum fulmen
Harmless thunderbolt (a vain and empty threat)
dolium volvitur
An empty cask is easily rolled (e.g., in response to a boast of a work done super-perfectly)

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