Thursday, 23 February 2012

Labor supporters and members of the government are more stupid

9 03 am Wed. 23/2/12

Labor supporters and members of the government  are more stupid
I recall Bob Hawke essentially admitting that Labor supporters are more stupid than conservatives.
This was based on the donkey vote as I recall - admitting that it favoured the left side of politics.
The above is well - known.
The current mob of nihilistic, self - absorbed / self - interested twirps are an indication that this dimunition is a drag on the current leadership as well as the lemmings who support their internicine insult to the Collective.
The good news - their average IQ will soar when one or both of the two windmill - tilters  resign permanently.
A new party may emerge.
The Tea Party? Surely there is no room for the proletariat!

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