Tuesday, 21 February 2012

policy on frightened rabbitts - Garrett

9 10 am 21/2/12

The latest excuse of Labor on Monday night ABC TV [Q & A  / Shorten et al] is  the claimed need to talk matters policy rather than the leadership crisis - caused by bad policy! Also asinine implementation, stupid comments and mere plagiarization, thought and unthought consequences - and a series of disasters unprecedented in modern day politics.

Yet I have seen fear of a frightened rabbit in  ''REAL ACTION" Peter Garrett - 7.30   20 Feb 2012
Look closely at the very end of the interview with Chris Uhlmann

I saw fear on the doddery visage of Education Minister Peter Garrett - he who has graduated from the solar scheme disaster to merely killing their Labored Education policy on ABC TV  7 30 on Monday 20/2.

Never mind sheer waste of  yet another enquiry [Gonski] that will be ignored: that is yesterday's Labor.
Anyone care to contemplate that they are calling for yet another education review?

Education is supposed to be their strong point - yet the expensive 898 th review generated by this inept mob has proven that Australia lags 2 [two!] years behind Asian nations.

Kevin O'Connor on Lateline failed to realise his humiliation via the plethora of cliches he trumpeted  in a lame attempt in refusing to answer tough questions.

Basic knowledge of statistics will elicit in the knowledgeable mind that this is astonishingly bad: really 'unbelievable.' Two years deficit? Oh my goodness - it surely cannot be!!

No wonder our youth pass VCE without being able to read.

This is  the result of  post - modernist teaching methods - Blackburn, Kirner  et al. Garrett claimed earlier not to know the reasons for the abysmal result of the Gonski review.
It is surely seen  at supermarket check - outs; the girls are clueless in using maths.

Elsewhere one can see literacy and education standards in free - fall.

All attributable the left / union domination of the education system.
Vale education.
Vive nihilism.


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