Thursday, 23 February 2012

Oh how cute for Rudd to claim the need for unity!

9.25 am Wed. 23/2/2012

Oh how cute for Rudd to claim the need for unity!
His speech at 9 00 am today.
Then to claim the need for 'policy' - having surely no conscientious objection against any of Labor's extreme - left / Green - tinged policies.

He who has done everything to destabilize the tottering Gillard. An easy task - surely?
Or may not be,  given that all Ministers have a need to support asinine  policies they all had a hand and fist in!

Do not get confused by this man - he still insists that Climate Change- ''the great moral issue of our time'' -  and the attendant disastrous  tax currently the major reason for the electorate's malaise with duplicitous Gillard Labor 

Oh - do I hear.. ''let me be loud and clear''... ''the buck stops with me?'' 

The need to reform the Labor party? He said the same thing 5 years ago!

He is so cliche ridden and driven  that it is obvious that any backbencher deserves the job of leading the old left.

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