Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Of faceless men and other idiocies beloved by the left

 11 46 pm Tuesday 22/2/2012

Of faceless men and other idiocies beloved by the left

In his resignation speech Kevin Rudd refered  to ''Mr Crean and a number of other faceless men''?

The left  have for decades been abusing the 'faceless men' phrase and have sadly denuded it of any meaning.

In 1963 Whitlam referred to ''the 36 faceless men:''  Labor's Federal Executive adjudicating on policy. Menzies soon used it to deadly advantage.

It is bemusing that Laborites have alway invented the vague and implausible, inverted and preverted words like economic rationalism, longed for true utopian socialism of the proletariat with their social inclusion ministries /  codswallop - and there is more!

They never held the demonstration signs correctly - the feared Russian bombers could never have read their plaintive pleading:
This is a nuclear free zone''

They have been consultitive, progressive, rambled about socialist tripe like equality of outcomes - and in this war of the rats - AKA who was disloyal to whom, how, why and when - not a word about their asinine policies that were the progenitors of their  incipient destruction at the hands of the people.

Rudd or Gillard will lead their hapless, hopeless lemmings over the cliff.

Geoff Seidner

In March 1963 when the Labor Party’s decision-making body – the Federal Conference – met at Canberra’s Hotel Kingston, Whitlam and Arthur Calwell were involved in an inadvertent demonstration of the need for party reform. The two men walked over to the hotel late one evening to hear the decision reached by the 36 delegates regarding party policy on the government’s plan to allow the United States to build a communications base at North West Cape in Western Australia. The meeting had not finished and, as the party leaders were not members of the conference, they waited outside the hotel. Among the journalists also gathered there was Alan Reid, who quickly sent for a photographer and produced the telling image of the leaders of the party’s parliamentary wing waiting for the party’s organisational delegates – the ‘36 faceless men’ – to give them a policy.

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