Friday, 10 February 2012

No trite simplicity: cannot compare with Whitlam

!0. 06 am Friday 10 February 2012

No trite simplicity: cannot compare Gillard  with Whitlam

Compare Gough Whitlam's sacking of Rex Connor re the Khemlani affair - with what Gillard is simultaneously doing, not doing - nay actually encouraging and vociferously discouraging  in multiple realms.

Only the few true believers will be remotely generous in the inevitable destruction of a once great party.

It is even worse than all that: the PM is so clueless that she is now trying to silence her own team!
Every day this woman creates new disasters. Awesome - as in the original unexpurgated meaning of the word before the current youth wrecked it.

She has long ago plainly vitiated the need for basic acceptable governance, the laws of intended and unintended consequences, the astonishing waste of Billions on hair - brained schemes, the quixotic, asinine quotes -  and more.
Indeed - history will fail to delineate what reasonable things she and her ministers who still support her did - or better - failed to mess up.
Her few acolytes will find a paucity of information they can say to their grandchildren: a la: 'this is what I did with the Gillard government that I am proud of.'

The problem is that any reasonable reading of this diatribe understates the disaster of this miserable government.

Has anyone compared the ministers of Julia with Hawke / Keating and the Howard governments?
Gillard has managed the ultimate conspiracy:  no viable challenger have been uncovered because they are all too gutless, impotent and their incompetence rules them all out.


 Maybe they will claim they were following orders. Which they are - even this morning there are no signs of rumbles in their ranks.

We await a noble rat to cross the floor.

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