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How to double the wisdom that sits around the cabinet table.

Published 10.09 am March 1, 2012 

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How to double the wisdom that sits around the cabinet table.
Esteemed Labor historian and The Australian's valued journalist Troy Bramston contemplates in his article that the addition of Bob Carr to the
Cabinet Table would ''add a serious policy  thinker to cabinet - doubling the wisdom that sits around the cabinet table.''  
 I am all in favour of unintended, humorous, corrolary - based / pre emptive insults.
The extraneous  hilarity is manifest in contemplating there are 22 Cabinet Ministers - say with average IQ of 100.
That is possibly optimistic. Their performances so indicate.
However to glibly suggest that Carr's IQ is 2300 - the obvious factor implicit in his calculations -  - is perhaps a trifle generous to the Carr.
Indeed - perhaps Bramston is not aware that he has effectively created a delicious inversion of the famous line from Yes Minister:
''The Minister raised the average age of Cabinet but lowered the average IQ''
Bramston is agist as well, so the left will claim.
Troy is in good company - he possibly had no idea of the intended or unintended consequences of his reasonable
 assesment of the chaotic catastrophes daily blundered into by this government and it's hapless leader.
Mostly the single - handed creations of Gillard. 
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Official Secrets

Hacker is chairing the committee responsible for security clearance on his predecessor's memoirs. But is it really a state secret that
 Hacker "raised the average age of the Cabinet, but lowered the average IQ"?

Most of the links below show the links on the Carr - Arbib link in The Australian  for 
only March 1, 2012.

There are other items extant - but one should note that this is merely one
 catastrophe - for only one day - in only one newspaper.

The tangents ex previous days relating to Carr / Arbib  are too Laborsome for me for 
now: I am doing this only for my own bemusement / distraction from other matters
 of  far more gravitas. 

Geoff Seidner


Ignore doubters and call Bob Carr to Canberra

THE Labor Party should send Bob Carr to Canberra and make him minister for foreign affairs.
Although the push for Carr seems to have petered out - as it appears Julia Gillard supported Carr's
 move to federal politics and then apparently withdrew that support as senior ministers rebelled - it
 should be revisited.
Carr would add considerable firepower to Labor's weak Senate ranks.
He would handle the foreign affairs portfolio with a blend of intellectual rigour, historical knowledge
 and crystal-clear advocacy.
It would add a serious policy thinker to cabinet - doubling the wisdom that sits around the cabinet
He would be an effective parliamentary performer.
When somebody such as Carr puts their hand up to serve, it should be accepted without hesitation.

Federal Labor needs his wisdom and experience.
He is the longest continuously serving premier of NSW.
Although some commentators suggest he didn't do enough to invest in infrastructure, he did win three
 elections, including two landslides.
He led a stable government that adopted a sound approach to economic management and a
 moderate approach to social reform. He was not tainted with scandal

For Carr, it would fulfil a life-long ambition to serve in the Senate.
On no less than four previous occasions Carr has sought a Senate seat.
In 1974, Carr plotted to take the Senate seat of "Diamond" Jim McClelland.
In 1978, he was blocked for a vacancy by Labor powerbrokers John Ducker and Graham Richardson. Believing his federal political ambitions were never to be realised, Carr took the consolation prize of the state seat of Maroubra in 1983.
A year later he was a minister in Neville Wran's government.
Although he still hoped to make a shift to federal politics, he was shoe-horned into the NSW opposition leadership after the defeat of Barrie Unsworth's government in 1988.
Plagued with anxiety and self-loathing, Carr wrote in his diary that he felt "like a doomed man" and being opposition leader after Labor's crushing defeat would "destroy my career".
He thought about running for Lionel Bowen's federal seat of Kingsford Smith when Bowen retired in 1990, but it went to former state minister Laurie Brereton.
In 1994, Carr phoned prime minister Paul Keating and pleaded for the Senate seat being vacated by Richardson.
"Young Robbie," Keating told him, "No, it's not possible."
Then federal Labor leader Kim Beazley approached Carr about a move to Canberra in 2001.
NSW Labor Party bosses floated Carr as a federal leadership alternative to Simon Crean in 2003.
After Kevin Rudd became Labor leader in 2006, Carr again considered moving to the Senate.
It is time for the Labor Party to make way for Carr.
A Senate spot is vacant.
The Foreign Ministry is vacant.
NSW Labor has given Carr a green light.
What else does the Prime Minister need to make it happen?
Gillard should use her authority following her crushing victory over Rudd to stare down any internal revolt and get on the phone and tell Carr to pack his bags for Canberra.
"My mind does play with the possibility," Carr told his biographers Andrew West and Rachel Morris, "that when my duties in NSW are through, I could play some role as a minister in a national Labor government."
Over to you, Prime Minister

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