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Multiple Lying is a sackable offence

Prepared 1 49 pm 28/3/12

  1. Multiple lying is a sackable offence

    In mere two days The Australian's  journalists in your Commentary pages  have exposed a plethora of  inarguably fraudulent behaviours from this belabored, pathetic government.

    • From billions wasted on super [David Uren 28/3] to
    • Plain fraud and more in The Trade Practices Act [ Janet Albrechtsen 28/3]
    • Fraud re Carbon pricing [Tim Wilson 28/3] and
    • Fraud re NBN [Kevin Morgan 28/3]...
    • Ignoring the Productivity Commission's plaintive complaints about everything inc. EFIC! [Judith Sloan 27/3]

    Draw back the curtains on hypocrisy | The Australian

    If you have a problem with the word 'fraudulent' editor - then substitute whatever you think better describes what Gillard is overseeing.

    If members lie to Parliament - they resign. What Laborites do is contemptuous of the electorate with multiple lies, major distortions: arguably worse than mere simple porkies.
    Surely on the basis of what manifestly will not ever seriously be challenged - the Governor General should revoke the woman's commission to govern; given that they must have lied to parliament so many times! Never mind to us!

    Merely on the basis of Janet Albrechtsen's brilliant article - they remain disgraced forever.

    Plainly the government has had / will have opportunities to proffer viable answers - and have not deigned or will  do so. They have been shameless for years. Now it is far worse.

    Just what more sins of commission and mere omission [and more] need to take place before we are rid of these incompetents? They have overstepped the mark in rewriting the rulebook of  acceptable governance.

    Do your job GG!

    1 hour ago – First, we learned the Gillard government is expected to introduce new laws later this year that will make company directors personally liable for ...

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