Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A desperate, disparate mob of errant scientists

12.39 pm 14/3/12

A desperate, disparate mob of errant scientists 

It is a disgrace that the CSIRO and a desperate, disparate mob of errant scientists have to claim the world is suffering from a laughably - miniscule 0.9 degree C global rise in temperatures rise since 1910. 

Or even less over the past 10 years. 

Once upon a time one respected scientists - so - called mainstream.
But for decades they have been claiming merit for their warmist religion via 800,000 year old unclean, unreliable ice cores, proving unimaginably - tiny increase in inarguably harmless  greenhouse gasses! 
T'is the absurdium of our times: contemplate the last few years in the context of 800,000!

I would rather trust the caveman's version....

Why do sane scientists not put this idiocy to critical analysis? I bet the fanatics do not allow it!
Vale 'peer review' - decent science made into a modern - day scam.

So: how can anyone be serious about ice cores?

The  ephemeral, irrelevant claimed effect / increase  of greenhouse gasses over nearly a million years plainly discredits them using only the altar of common sense.
Suggesting that these pathetic contrived tools can delineate minor irrelevancies with claimed disastrous consequences is not credible to those blessed with common sense.
Sadly, without shame they postulate everything as harbingers of catastrophes of the many - splendored / ill - defined, the hysterically risible, inherently vicissitudinous climate change!
Which guys - it always does! 

Mind you - there is no proof that there is any association between greenhouse effect / gasses, world average temperatures and human activity. Never a thought that if true - this minor temperatures variation would be good news for food production. 
Oh - but this scam is also a justification for the continuum of their very long gravy train!

Possibly the worst indictment -  one does not need special qualifications to write this diatribe!

All their noise; to become hysterically risible and even more absurd on climate change!
A more rational approach would impugn the asinine core - samples technology, but that would take common sense. And fair play

Merely common sense.

I feel sorry for the main  progenitors of this lunacy.
What would they do if their lack of acumen was exposed - how would they explain the inexplicable, justify the disreputable - and still put bread on their table? 

What will the tiny Muslim paradise - the Maldives do when they still claim to be climate refugees - and simultaneosly have the beast tourist spots in the world? 

Please explain all this ABC - today your programmes actively promote Gillrda religion of CC.



State of the Climate - CSIRO
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Since 1960 the mean temperature in Australia has increased by about 0.7 °C . The ....Methane, which is another greenhouse gas... of 170 to 300 ppm that has existed in the atmosphere for at least the past 800000 years and possibly the past ...

Greenhouse gases on rise after lull

Illawarra Mercury - 2 hours ago
The findings come in a major review of climate observations by the CSIRO and ...annual daily average temperatures have increased 0.9 degrees since 1910.
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