Sunday, 4 March 2012

Yes Julia The TV Series

Created 4 March 2012 11. 59 am

Catastrophes Preempted.

I write on a lazy Sunday morning. This writer will preempt that the hapless Gillard will surely manufacture at least four disasters that will mould into say only two full catastrophes by the next lazy Sunday.

Furthermore I suggest that the media pack will initially ignore it, then find heroic modes for reconfiguring it, then claim in Yes Prime Minister mode that this lame duck actually won!

Obviously her faithfull Labored supporters will be partially complicit: they have only days ago supported this astonishing source for political farce.

The ABC created inane drivel in their 'At Home with Julia' series.
Let commercial TV create a 42 series called Yes Julia. It took the BBC 7 years to create Jim Hacker et al: 
there is so much material it could be finished well before Gillard's denoument at the polls!
 I am  constructing episode headers. 
Give me a call!


    1. At Home With Julia | ABC Television
      This four-part comedy series takes viewers into the life of PM Julia Gillard and boyfriend Tim Mathieson, behind the closed doors of The Lodge.
    2. At Home With Julia: inane drivel of the most idiotic kind ... -
      8 Sep 2011 – The ABC's newest sitcom, At Home With Julia, is inane drivel of the ...Julia Gillard in this horrible TV homage to her unloveliness is killed in the ...

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