Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Climate change means you never have to say you're sorry!

8.36 am Tuesday 6/3/12

Climate change means you never have to say you're sorry!
Where are you, Australia's living treasure, Tim Flannery?
Are you still raking in $180,000 plus addendums pa living in your waterfront home off the Hawkesbury?
Kate Blanchet also similarly does not fear hot or cold, wet or dry, extreme weather or whatever.

''Even if it rains it is not going to fill our dams and river systems''??

''The only thing I have left is my reputation.''

Congrats Timothy: Climate Change means you never have to say you say sorry. With apologies to love story of the proletariat: remember the movie?

It is built on the principle that there is

  •  no such thing as absolute truth, 
  • one is never accountable for saying, doing, pocketing massive sinecures -
  • and when the conservative revolution comes - no one will remember how you discredited yourself.

What a life it is on the utopian  left of reality.

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23 Nov 2011 – Ray Hadley blasted Tim Flannery and Crikey over claims the 2GB host arranged a call ... program and revealed the location of his home on the HawkesburyRiver... “The only thing I've got in life is my reputation,” he exclaimed. ..... level rises that would have inundated his investment in less than a decade.

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