Friday, 2 March 2012

Created 2.13 pm March 2 2012
Requiem for the funereal fools

Is Gillard never capable of thinking even a mini step ahead?
What was the point of trying to cajole Carr to join her moribund  government, denying it, admitting it was a part lie, not understanding that everyone knew it was an unqualified lie, then the woman herself rapidly admitting to the comprehensive porkie by appointing Carr today! All this in 36 hours or so.
A world record for so many stupidities - with no one else to blame for the dirge!

Absolutely no nous political or otherwise. Never mind the sheer stupidity of denying something that could have been a good move.
 However if somehow her soon to be  immolated mob of henchmen survive mere months - Carr will surely move down from his Senate spot to challenge her.

Thus the resurrection of labor post the immolation at the elections will leave them in the nether- world of opposition for decades!
The high farce continues.
What utterly asine thing can this hapless woman conjure?



Having the mournful, somber character appropriate to a funeral
 Requiem funereal, moribund, dirge,  immolated, resurrection, immolation, nether- world

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