Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cheapened murder of Jewish children!!

 4.18 pm 20/3/12

Murder of Jews!!
Four dead in school shooting - what: no mention in headline of  'killed / murdered  by terrorists'?? You could have used the dozens of euphemisms you ages ago the left artlessly created.
Worse: why the passive 'dead'? They did not drop dead, sub editor!!
There have been over 18,605 acts of terror committed by Muslims since 9/11. [Often against fellow Muslims.]
 Compared to  a  mere handful of acts of terror by   'apostates.'

Most of the media; AKA The Age - and ABC [The World Today 20/12] 
and others have such difficulty accepting  that there is a major  corrolation: Muslims and terrorism!
The Age 19/3 Four dead in school shooting

Three children, teacher shot dead [TWT]

Why such manifest difficulty accepting  that there is a major corrolation: Muslims and terrorism!
By a factor of 3000 to one!

 It is actually worse than that - because a majority of Muslims celebrate acts of  terrorism against apostates!
So, we have The Age 19/3 Four dead in school shooting
Why - you even  report that the French authorities suggest there is no ''evidence so far of any form of terrorism''
Murdering children / chasing them in the classroom - shooting them at point blank range - no evidence??
Have you no heart?

Or what other major faculty do you plainly also lack: numeracy? logistics, demograhics or a dynamic journalist's brain?
But you plainly lack style or worse as well! Sickening: mere children....
Furthermore - the mass - murderers are informed - they would have noted that the original killers of paratroopers also used scooters.
So what better than to create an alleged commonality, an ameliorative of sorts, by also using 'scooters.'? Not rocket science. The police analysis is infantile possibly.
It is however  arguably irrelevant and irrational anyway: what they tried to imply - combatants one day terrorist killers of children the next?
Shame on ye all  attempting to cheapen Jewish blood.
And I tell you - never again - you so - called journalists and sub - editors - never again will you be allowed to get way with it!!
Geoff Seidner
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