Thursday, 15 March 2012

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Heroes of the Revolution

I hope the redoubtable Kelvin Thompson and the other hero of the  1919 Revolution Doug Cameron are not  progenitively limited. They indeed belong to the top 99% of intellects.
These warriors of the extreme left have a duty to pass on their genes - for when they are asked by their progeny to explain their eclectic comments in Hansard and the media.

What worthwhile contribution did they make to the world that they seem to care so much about?
What worthwhile, rational, original ideas did they - the  left promulgate?
And most important - was history kind to them?

Why do conservative parties not have their ilk? It is an honour to be able to instantly raise the IQ of the party room by leaving it.

Surely this is what they will tell their grandchildren. 


Definition of REDOUBTABLE

: causing fear or alarm : formidable
: illustriouseminentbroadly : worthy of respect
— re·doubt·ably adverb

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