Friday, 23 March 2012

Terrorism ameliorated by our media.

6 13 pm 23/3/12

Of terrorists and our media

J'accuse the media of not caring about Jewish children being murdered at close range by a terrorist.
Yes - a terrorist - not a militant, extremist or the dozen or so euphemisms the left create to placate their utilitarian sensibilities.

But now it is worse: Melbourne's leading radio station  reported thus: 
''Police are looking for an expert gunman with grudges against minorities who shot victims at close range''

Tony Tardio, 3AW newsreader 9 05 am Wednesday 21/3/12.

  • Just how expert do you have to be to kill  children:contemplate him looking at their terrified eyes! Are they seeking grandiloquence, excellence - or some performance standard to be admired in this dastardly act?
  • Just what sort of grudges?
  •  Are  these 'grudges' some sort of mealy mouthed allusion /  justification for some sort of wrong done to someone in another time? 
  • Just what can compare with this sickness? 
J'accuse The Age: 19/3 Four dead in school shooting.
How dare they report that the French authorities suggest there is no ''evidence so far of any form of terrorism'' Really? A man of Middle Eastern appearance murders children - and there is no evidence of terrorism? 
 Murdering children / chasing them in the classroom - shooting them at point blank range - no evidence?? Shameful.

Or what other major faculty does this paper plainly also lack: numeracy? logistics, demograhics or a dynamic journalist's brain?
 Sickening: mere children.

Worse: why the passive 'dead'? They did not drop dead, sub editor!!
There have been over 18,606 acts of terror committed by Muslims since 9/11. [Often against fellow Muslims.]
 Compared to  a  mere handful of acts of terror by   'apostates.'
Shame on ye all  attempting to cheapen Jewish blood.
And I tell you - never again - you so - called journalists and sub - editors - never again will you be allowed to get way with it!!

ABC radio was even worse; listen to their report say The World Today 21/3

J'accuse you all of the oldest bias there is: anti Jewish bias AKA anti semitism!


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