Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Illegal actions of the Gillard government re 'climate change' / 'carbon tax.'

It is difficult to encompass the multifarious frauds committed by Julia Gillard, her ministers in government - even her asinine backbenchers.

Plainly she has also  used many leftist university 'warmists' in trying to add credence to policies that relate initially to the theory of so called 'climate change.'

The undoubted fact that there have been many changes in this anti - capitalist / socialist  religion is itself a fraud.

That this miserable government [see my blog!] has seamlessly, uncritically gone through these many derelict nomenclatures / forms  is plainly an attempt to maintain belief in the arrant nonsense that the world is warming - etc.
Note this list of how yet another theory has been promulgated over the years.
Not all of them necessarily relate to Climate Change - but I am recording them all for the record.

  1. Hole in the ozone layer.
  2. The Greenhouse effect.
  3. Global warming.
  4. Climate change.
  5. El Nino / La Nina.
  • The reader is invited to note my excellent notes on my blog Media Spinners - to see my notes on  El Nino / La Nina. 
  • It is to be noted that whilst virtually no one has sequestered the 'boy - child / girl child' - /ElNino / La Nina nonsense, I mention it in the context that this ostensively religion - based, arguably offensive idiocy is now frequently used to justify CC [climate change] whenever something goes wrong with their raison d'etre! Any intelligent reading of any mention of El / La - surely indicate that at least there is significant merit in drawing attention to it in this major work on the inarguably improper causus belli

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