Friday, 27 April 2012

Bill Shorten not stupid

Bill the Shortened one!
Diminished Shorten?

People underestimate brilliant Julia Gillard: she has promised the Governor - Generals son in law successorship if he could make her look good in the media!
The PM has long  understood that historians cannot fit in all the hundreds  inanities she has created in not much more than a year: she wishes to show generosity of spirit by proving that the incipient biographies are indeed not fiction.
All Laborites have now seemingly shared in the common denominator for which they are infamous: incompetence and stypidity.

Bill Shorten is the Laborites new hero.
Vale the revolution!

I think people underestimate sly Julia Gillard: she has conspired with her lame acolyte Bill the intellectually 

Shorten: I haven't seen what PM said, but I support it | 3AW Neil ...
1 hour ago – I was shocked to hear Bill Shorten answer the question like a pre-tuned robot. So embarrassing! ... YOU looked so stupid Bill.. Senga Friday 27 .

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