Thursday, 19 April 2012

The day of Climate lunacy recognition is closer:CSIRO ...

The day of Climate lunacy recognition is closer.

There are 900 scientists studying climate change at merely the CSIRO;  all these footsoldiers faithfully finding disingenuous ways of keeping their jobs by implicitly supporting the gravy train of the bastardised peer - review process and supporting Gillard's mega - scam.

There have been too many cadres  / scientists determined to keep their sinecures: not enough  have  blown the whistle on the greatest leftist con in history. And there have been many, including 500 Billion Dollars spent on alternative medicine annually.

It is sad that Dr Andrew Johnson, CSIRO Group Executive, Environment in his  Letter 19/4 makes the same claims of the Government's true believers:
''....long-term increases in greenhouse gases, temperature, sea level rise and sea-surface temperatures.''

 Plainly no one in the Labor party will take a lazy walk to any beach to confirm what the Surf clubs already have observed: there is no evidence of rising sea levels.

Years ago I tried to scare them into selling me their clubhouses on the cheap.
In vain did I postulate the sea -  inundation of the hysterics. 

People should know that sea - level is constant. Thus if you see no inundation on Bondi Beach - then there are other answers to the claimed climate - refugees from the 5 star luxury resorts of the  Maldives.

When the Abbott revolution comes - these scientists will be the first ones to go.

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