Friday, 27 April 2012

A letter to Leon: Obama and the media

A letter to Leon,

Hello Leon,
Thank you for the 18 sec. video of Obama and comments in your email. It is indeed yet another
example of what this man and the compliant media allows him to uncritically represent.

I watch Fox and Friends regularly.
One struggles with getting into all issues vital to USA - but I try to get an overview at least.
An Obama comparison with Australian PM Gillard and her fellow mega twirps makes Julia look 'a treat'.Certainly our PM has been ostensively friendly to Israel.

 Seemingly daily there are so many things illustrative of the abysmal things he and his acolytes say, do, openly espouse and re iterate in his / their policies. Years ago Obama plainly became and  remains the most dangerous of man in the world.

The criteria for this apparent grandiosity is that we 'know' about various terrorists and supporters, countries: their dangers to the West in general and Israel in particular are readily understood.
But Obama has the USA Presidency behind him. There is no way even the egregious 'Jimbo' Carter managed to almost daily attack the interests of the USA and her allies.
Indeed Carter was humiliated and got his denouement at the hands of the Ayatolah.
Obama bowed in Saudi Arabia to the 'unregal'  House Of Saud - and hours later lacerated Israel!

I wrote a detailed analysis at the time and may post it to my  blog one day. Virtually no one knows about it. So: here a link to pass on: who will be the next person to visit my inimitable scribbles?

Carter has become a primary enemy of Israel - but he was not so pathetic  when he was in office.
Obama is! And worse - much worse.

Or merely contemplate the magnitude of his aberrant, dangerous behaviour.
And how tragic  it is that the leader of the free world, the man who currently holds the office of the Presidency of most powerfull nation on earth, is plainly an enemy of said free world.
Think of how 'bad' Jimbo Carter was. Yet Carter did not manifest too many of his current anti - Jewish proclivities when in office.
But Obama did and regularly does. 

It is difficult to keep a list on O - like I do of the hapless Gillard. However it would be interesting to find a site that didactically itemises his sins of commission et al. Please pass on to people on your list - someone may oblige.

It is important to make lists: The Religion of Peace site is a brilliant examplar of this - even if it is 'impossible' to imagine the horror of  18,786 discrete acts of murder and mayhem since S11. By the time people look at this posting - it will have tragically grown!

I reproduce below only a general link..

It is important to make lists, surely the main means in striving for relativity and context.This is what those with an informed, organized mind innately try to do.
Perhaps it settles the active mind if one has a number to work with. Or a list.
One can then contemplate how by using this modus one could persuade our media enemies to cease and desist.
Of course this is delusional:  they are inevitably wilfully blind or evil or both. - and I soon wake up and have some fun with my grandchildren. 

But the yearning for a numerical dissertation persists.

See below re The Religion of Peace - with currently shows 18,786 acts of terror committed by Islam

OOPS! 11 30 am - Friday 27/4/2012  it has been no more than an hour on / off - and the number of terrorist attacks attributed to the Religion of Peace has grown to 18,795!!!

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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Obama says his father served in World War II

Uploaded by  on 28 Jun 2008
Obama says his father served in World War II

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  • Why is it, when Democrats lie, it's not called lying, It's called "miss-speaking". When they (Dems) say something wrong and are called on it, it's called miss-spoke" or "it's not really what he or she meant to say. Amazing! Does any Democrat say what they mean, ever????
  • Hey Obama, What rank was your father? What regiment was he in?  Where did he serve? I say his rank was diaper filler, his regiment was a crib and he served in Kenya sucking mama's tit.
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  • Snopes already busted this video as false. Actually, if you look closely around 11 seconds, the sound goes out of sync with his lips. Could it be that someone edited out the word "grand" before the word "father"?
  • If we don't vote this lying bastard out of office, we will not recognize the great, honorable country that these United States stood for. He is trying to make us another Russia - and where are they now??????
  • Right the man who raised him for 8 years who he probably referred to as "father" growing up and who he was clearly referring to in this anecdote and not his biological or adopted father who were both children. Unless you are insinuating that he was deliberately lying and trying to claim that his father served as a toddler.
  • I saw another speech where he said his father liberated Auschwitz.
    So not only was Obama's father in World War II, but he was also in the Russian army...
  • I think you should go back to Snopes and read it again. That is exactly what he said. They do not dispute that he said it. They basically interpreted it as he meant his grandfather who he considered his father "figure". You can interpret it that way, but he said what he said.
  • Fuck off and die, Barry.
  • I dislike Obama as much as anyone, but this obvious fabrication is a disservice to anyone who opposes him with audio that doesn't match the words. His record shows how bad he's doing. Let's just stick to that.
  • This has been confirmed to be out of context and incorrect: w w w. snopes. com /politics /obama /service. asp
    stop being so rabid and take 10 seconds to do a google search
  • Which side was he on?
  • How can someone get away with a downright, bald faced lie like this? Doesn't the media check up on these things? His father and step father were not old enough to have served in World War II. This shows his disrespect for the United States of America Military personnel..

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