Thursday, 5 April 2012

GS: Thompson and those monkeys!

Created 8 53 am 5/4/12
Thompson and those monkeys!

Richard Dawkins' easily discredited million - monkeys - typing evolutionary theorem received a boost in the Thompson saga yesterday.

How else does one explain those receipts to Thompson's driving licence from houses of prostitution and 
the hundreds of thousands of dollars sequestered by 'someone' every month?
The member must have seen these in the post every month  seven years ago! 
All are electronic footprints - proof immemorial of his genetic footprint.

Ne'er a complaint until years later.

What more prima facie indication of wrong doing does any law authority need to charge this guy?
Can anyone count the conspiracists extant in this pathetic saga?

Even a monkey could successfully prosecute this case.

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