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Red lights,[Shanky hos] budget night and useless idiots.

 I guess Latham's sick 'Shanky - Ho' reference to the esteemed Janet Albrechtsen could have found a spot here!

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Red lights, budget night and useless idiots.

Budget night will have the ladies of the night waving placards demanding: 
  • Tax deductability for honest work.
  • Me too: $10 billion.

Fraudsters will appeal to unions, Labor and their mates to demand: 
Go easy on us - we are productive members of the proletariat. 

The luvvies of the left will demand meaningless studies into:
 euphemisms for post - modernists.
Their placards will appeal to the Russian bombers: 
  • This is a common - sense free zone.

This unfathomable farce will be Gillard's legacy - and begs a quality TV comedy series that cautions the viewer that everything is true - nothing embellished.

This is the way of the Labor / Green left: they have traditionally got everything wrong - and never understood or understand any of it. Like their asinine inversion of the meaning of economic rationalism.
Anyone remember how the twirps sought to diminish the esteemed HR Nichols Society?


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15 minutes ago – Julia Gillard asks Craig Thomson to quit the Labor Party and tells Speaker ... will not be in the chair when Parliament resumes on budget night, May 8..... "There's a lot of focus on these Craig Thomson, Peter Slipper things...

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    1. skanky ho. Smelly whore. Australian journalist Janet Albrechtson according to politician Mark Latham. buy skanky ho mugs & shirts. by Damien Streets Nov 26 ...

....Of red - lights, social injustice, prostitutes, unions, fraudsters and mere useful idiots....

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