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Just who are these 41% - or 27%?

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Just who are these 41% - or 27% who still support the political corpse who walks? [GS question]

I request that your paper make available 100gsm quality prints of the news and views on the Gillard catastrophic denouement.
Merely of the last 14 days or so.

Future generations deserve to study it: sadly they may not otherwise believe anyone could make disasters with such aplomb and seamless effrontery to thus challenge history to get the facts and repeated  lunacies into a viable context.

Furthermore: just who are these 27% who still support her?

I refer to the Negus humiliation by the great Margaret Thatcher.
A view of the best of the brilliant Kerry Packer at the Senate Print Media Inquiry in 1991 is also enlightening.
Probably the best attack on Labor I have ever seen!

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''My favourite Margaret Thatcher quotation is when she was being interviewed by George Negus. He said "people say you are xyz" and she replied "who are these people? What are their names?" He had no comeback. It was a beautiful piece of television.

And when PJK won the election "This is the sweetest victory of them all". I was exhausted and starving after handing out how-to-votes and scrutineering since 7.30am that morning, and I was just shoving a [cold] sausage sandwich in my mouth when the acceptance speech was broadcast. I almost cried from joy. It was the most pivotal political moment of my life.

And yes, I am an old bat''


Margaret Thatcher - Wikiquote 

In an interview with George Negus for the Australian TV program 60 minutes, the ...Negus: Why do people stop us in the street almost and tell us that Margaret .... the British courts—a court of law is the place where you deal with these matters.

The Electronic Reporter: Broadcast Journalism in Australia - Google Books Result 

books.google.com.au/books?isbn=0868404950...Barbara Alysen - 2005 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 293 pages
ality interviews or with people who are not experienced interviewees. These days it is unlikely to work in a political interview, where the ... back in 1981, when George Negusinterviewed British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for 60 Minutes


Insiders - 17/07/2011: Australia crazy to lead on climate change ... 

17 Jul 2011 – BARRIE CASSIDY, PRESENTER: Now the interview with former prime..... of that famous appearance of Kerry Packer before the media Senate ...

.JOHN HOWARD: Well, I think this is ridiculous. I mean, look argue with the media on particular issues but there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the Australian media.

You know, I agree with some of what it writes and says. Others I don't.
And as for bias, well I mean, I listen to Labor people talking about media bias. Give me a break. I mean they can't, they ought to remember what Harry Truman said, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
And I think this idea that Bob Brown is floating and Julia Gillard is yapping along behind him apparently, they want to have an inquiry into the media?
I mean, the media has been inquired into death into this country. They'd better be careful. They might have a revisitation of that famous appearance of Kerry Packer before the media Senate inquiry where he really bashed them up. I mean heavens above. Let the media do its job. We don't want another inquiry



26 Dec 2005 – Kerry Packer, Australia's richest man and one of the nation's most colourful ... before play in the Second Test, which thereafter featured a brilliant ....Coicidentally my favourite Packer line was when he was hauled before yet anothersenate ... other sdide of dying, I interviewed the old poet William Hart-Smith, ...

Four Corners - 25/08/2008: Program Transcript 

25 Aug 2008 – Read the program transcript from Sarah Ferguson's "My BrilliantCareer", .... SARAH FERGUSON: Kerry Packer chose the young lawyer to defend ...I'm the person named in these case summaries as the Goanna and what ...

no. 1 ticket holder - Tokyo Goannas – Japanese & Australian Events 

The Goannas tried for many years to hook a big name but all our efforts failed. Ozzie Ostrich said no to the Tokyo Goannas. Mr Kerry Packer – wa s honoured by ...
  • [PDF] 

    The Gillies Report and unsustainable political satire 

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    by S Bye
    involved Kerry Packer's fury at his depiction as the tax-evading Goanna.... excoriatingbrilliance delighted viewers disappointed by the pragmatism of the ...

  • 35,718 
    Uploaded by  on 18 Aug 2010
    An http://economics.org.au/  Production — Highlights of Kerry Packer's 1991 House of Reps Select Committee on Print Media Appearance. He shows that he is not only opposed to government intevention that disadvantages him. It also includes perhaps the most famous Australian anti-government quote, where Packer says that anyone who pays more tax than they can get away with needs their head examined. For more radical and principled politics from other great Australians, like John Singleton, Lang Hancock and Neville Kennard, subscribe to http://economics.org.au/  and likehttp://facebook.com/economics.org.au  .

    You can now direct people to this video by telling them to go tohttp://kerrypacker.info/  .

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    • "We should all be minimising tax... because as a Government your not spending it so well that we should be donating extra"
    • That collection of politicians looked like a bunch of Bad Boys reporting to the head master for after school detention.
      Peter Costello must have rehearsed that question over and over for at least 2 days.
      If say A Julia Gillard was trying to put one over Big Kerry , he'd just tell her to go off and make him a cup of tea and to serve up some finger buns.
      What a man.
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    • Packer was a brilliant businessman. But he was also a bully. Fancy being called before a public inquiry and lecturing elected parliamentary representatives - that is, the people who represent us - that they don't have the right to inquire or legislate.
    • There is surprisingly little on offer on Youtube when it comes to KP. Interesting..
    • Some ppl, very few, ooze power and authority, Kerry Packer was one those people.
    • Was Parker the GOANNA ?
    • Mr Packer, what a legend. R.I.P mate.
    • Kerry Packer's my hero!
      Imagine a political party full of Kerry Packer types, they'll have this country running like a Holden Bathurst Supercar. Great idea Kerry, if they create a new law they must repeal one.
      And these politicians thought they were going to embarrass Kerry by bringing camera's in for the first time to a hearing. Kerry blasted them to pieces.
      Thanks for posting this, I've been waiting forever for someone to do it.
    • I love listening to this guy
    • kerry packer should have run this country what a man !
    • Taxes are stealing.
    • RIP Mr. Packer, I love how you cut through the bs.
      Good on ya.

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