Friday, 18 May 2012

Dreyfus admits what his adverts refuse to say! ex 16/5/12

THE HON Mark Dreyfus QC MP
Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and ENERGY EFFICIENCY
Parliamentary Secretary for INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION

16 May 2012

SUBJECT: Carbon Price and Household Assistance


AMELIA ADAMS: The carbon tax comes into effect on the first of July, but the compensation to households began today.  Around three-hundred-and-twenty-five million dollars will go to more than one-point-six million families around the country. Support payments for pensioners, students and other eligible recipients will flow through before the end of June. 
And for all the details on who benefits, let’s cross to Mark Dreyfus, the Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.  Mr Dreyfus, good afternoon.  Thank you for joining us.
MARK DREYFUS: Good afternoon, Amelia.
AMELIA ADAMS: Give us the breakdown. Who’s receiving these payments from today and how much will they be getting?
MARK DREYFUS: From today, one-point-six million families are going to receive straight into their bank accounts these payments.  For families on Family Tax Benefit Part A, they are going to receive one-hundred-and-ten dollars per child and for families on Family Tax Benefit Part B, they’re going to receive sixty-nine dollars per family. 
AMELIA ADAMS: And some of the other benefits will flow through a little later in June.  Who will get those payments and how much will they be receiving?
MARK DREYFUS: Actually, in late May, Amelia, we’re going to have payments to pensioners - pensioner couples will be receiving five-hundred-and-ten dollars and single pensioners will be receiving three-hundred-and-thirty-eight dollars. 
What you might be referring to in June is the payment of the school kids bonus, which will start twentieth of June and of course, that’s four-hundred-and-nine dollars for every primary school child and eight-hundred-and-eighteen dollars for every secondary school child. And of course, from 1 July, everyone earning up to eighty thousand dollars is going to be receiving a tax cut.
AMELIA ADAMS: That’s news that people love to hear, Mr Dreyfus, but there is still a lot of resistance to the carbon tax, despite the big campaign and Julia Gillard really pulling out all the stops to sell it.  How do you counteract the community opposition to this tax?
MARK DREYFUS: Look, Amelia, we’ve had a massive and irresponsible scare campaign. Unfortunately, I’d be expecting that campaign to continue, but once Australian households start receiving the assistance, which is coming - and that’s nine in ten Australian households are going to be receiving that assistance - I think that the fear will start to die down.
And they’ll see that heavy industry is starting to cut pollution, that we’re starting to tackle the really serious problem of climate change, which of course is what this is all about.
AMELIA ADAMS: The Opposition leader says if you don’t have the tax, you won’t need compensation.  That’s according to Mr Abbott.  How important is this carbon tax really for Australia’s future?
MARK DREYFUS: This is really important.  We have to act now on this serious problem, which is not going to go away.  If we don’t act now, it’s only going to get more expensive and more damaging. And most people probably don’t realise that by 2015, Australia will have to join a global legally binding agreement to cut our pollution. We can’t get out of it, and the carbon price is the cheapest way to do it.
AMELIA ADAMS: All right, Mark Dreyfus, we’ll have to leave it there for now.  Thank you so much for your time this afternoon.
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