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From: g87
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 4:38 PM
Subject: Correction below: please note.. This Optus disaster's denoument

Please note correction in CAPS and IN RED.
Geoff Seidner

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From: g87
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2012 1:09 PM
Subject: This Optus disaster's denoument

Bronwyn Hinds
Acting Team Leader – Consumer
271 Collins St, Level 4, Melbourne VIC 3000 
Ph: 0390336860

Dear Bronwyn

I am bemused that your team leader has flick - passed this disaster to you.

There have been sooooo many complaint numbers, escalations which 'never were', without even thinking about the three - score and ten conversations.
I feel my years.....

As we come to the denouement - kindly note that the person that the Optus person I complimented in my recent screed - for having squared my Pay TV account - did not do so - as an account for $223.93 received days ago attests!
A/c 2180534010.

Nothing quite as bad as a compliment forlorn [Seidner, 9/5/12]

I wish to talk with you: you clearly will pay me adequate compensation and I will consider keeping my Pay TV, Internet and two lines with Optus.

ADDENDUM: 4 - 38 pm

10/5/ 12


''However I understand that this is now beyond a level of an “apology” and offer of comparison of which has happened in the past....''

Please note that there are other important matters that must be fixed, and can easily be fixed by Optus serviceman in a matter of minutes. 
IE - my second line has only one connection in our home.
I attempted to fix the problem  - no success.
Your man can easily rewire things - all the connections are in place.

Second - please disconnect / cancel my mobile phone 0407 525 929.The fact is that my contract runs out in Nov 2012.
It has already been agreed that there will be no penalty.
Indeed - I request $200 compensation  for the XPERIA X10i - which is the market value of the phone including spare battery. I have had to take out a new contract with Telstra - their reception is eons ahead of Optus - all the attempts by myriad Optus people were for naught.
Really sad! So much time.......

My overview of your Asian [Indian, Phillipines] staff is that all are genuinely attempting to help; all give the customer the impression that we are the most important person in their lives at that time.

It is marvellous but your system is simply pathetic - no more rehashing.
I mention it only for the need of allocating a broad compliment where it is broadly deserved.

I look forward to your call - say Monday 10 am? Or whenever SOON!  Make sure the person who talks to me  is authorized to make decisions.
We will be going overseas on MONDAY WEEK - and will not be available for much longer.
We return approx 23/6/12

The only way I could handle the complex documents is by posting them in three groups; see below.
You will be able to refer to them easily.
And I will be able to access them from overseas - with your phone number and email embedded - if I am needing to do so.

It is not expected that I seriously even need to think of this - my wife may not let me near a computer!

I expect to be able to use my Optus Webmail to advantage and /  my gmail:

Surely my relatives will not report to me overseas any Optus - caused telephone disasters in my absence!

Yours Sincerely,

Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Grove
East St Kilda 3183
03 9525 9299


  1. Pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely: "forlorn figures at bus stops".
  2. (of an aim or endeavor) Unlikely to succeed or be fulfilled; hopeless: "a forlorn attempt to escape".





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Sent: Monday, May 07, 2012 1:08 PM
Subject: Optus Account

Dear Geoffrey,

I am contacting you regarding your recent email communication to our webmail team and to advise you of the current status of your complaint. I acknowledge that you have discussed your account with numerous Optus employees including management without resolution and I do offer my sincerest apologies for the frustration and inconvenience that this has imposed upon you.

However I understand that this is now beyond a level of an “apology” and offer of comparison of which has happened in the past. I also acknowledge while my email is another contact from yet another employee, I felt it best to show you the respect of keeping you updated of our escalation process over the next few days.

Therefore I have been asked by Optus Team Leader Chris Cappola to organise for your case to be escalated further to our Customer Relations Group where we can have this assigned to one specialist only to manage your case until your matter is resolved to your satisfaction. This group manages our highest level of complaints and also liaise directly with the Telecommunications Ombudsman directly should the matter arise.

I will ask that they contact you via email as requested with a phone number listed as our last resort of contact. Please email me directly in the mean time if you would like this altered.

Additionally I am also available via email or via phone on 03 9033 6860 over the next few days until our Customer Relations Group contact you, should you have any further questions.

Yours Sincerely,

       Bronwyn Hinds
       Acting Team Leader – Consumer
       271 Collins St, Level 4, Melbourne VIC 3000 Ph: 0390336860

This e-mail may contain confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately and delete this e-mail from your system. You must not disclose this email to anyone without express permission from the sender. The contents of all emails sent to, and received from, Optus may be scanned, stored, or disclosed to others by Optus at Optus' discretion. Optus has exercised care to avoid errors in the information contained in this e-mail but does not warrant that the information is error or omission free.


Copy of email received:

Dear Chris,

I refer to your email below #1 and voicemail message left on my phone. Both generated Saturday morning - a day I could not respond. It is excellent that you saw fit to respond on a Saturday morning - a day for family matters surely.

It is of some further satisfaction for me that: I seem to have an email address to respond to: and the logical corollary of that is that the same person who views my initiating email, responds to it and thus obviously in turn has an opportunity to resolve it. THIS WAS MERELY ONE OF MY MAJOR COMPLAINTS - as a reading of the email that forced Optus to panic and respond to the only actual / real / viable 'email address email' that I had available to me.

This was the email address of your Elsternwick shop. Elternwick manager had the nous to realize that the game of internicine madness was at an end: the Ombudsman was reading it all! As indeed he is reading this email. Who knows - this email address that this email is primarily going to - Lat Enquiries - may be a phantom - it may 'bounce.' Indeed I am sending this email cc to them [Elsternwick] as well as appending a cut and paste of my initiating declaration of war.[#3]

I want those who are reading this to be aware that you were responding to this eupemistic war - see #3: a situation of Optus' making. I do not seek to mock Optus. I only wish to teach management a lesson - whereby they may not contemplate treating customers with such contempt in future and change predures for handling complaints. Who knows - you may have another customer like me who will even make it more painful. Who knows - the Ombudsman may publish these matters! I also wish to caution you that these papers are being prepared so didactically because I fear I will have to take matters to court. Note please that I do not wish to waste too much time in instructing counsel - I presume that this document may - repeat may be the mainstay of said legal action. Of course there are matters to be disclosed when the Ombudsman asks for all matters material. It is hoped that his enquiries will simply be adequate. Or - as per your comments - YOU fix things.

Kindly note that you have already paid me some compensation - whereby one of your more pragmatic managers credited my TV account when I made it clear that I refused to pay the amount demanded - even after my pay TV was disconnected for a few hours. I do wish to discuss matters. Maybe it will be fruitful. But you are respectfully requested that you have received this email - then we can talk. By the way - item #2 was going to be another waste of time - you failed to respond within the tjme frame - yet again. Thus I took action! As everything I do - it was carefully considered. Again - Optus failed - for the umteenth time - to respond.

We will be going overseas within 10 days. If this matter is not resolved between us by then the Ombudsman will be requisted to formally become involved. I further confirm that a member of the media is reading these - he may consider whether it is of interst to him. I do not particularly care: this media person may have to cease his 'interest' if I take the threatened legal action. I surely do not think it will come to that. Surely..... Errors and Omissions Excepted: I do not thik there are any? Yours Sincerely, Geoff Seidner Returning from overseas before end of JUNE!

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