Friday, 4 May 2012

The political denouement of the worst PM in living memory

The political  denouement of the worst PM in living memory

As we reach the political  denouement of the worst PM in living memory [possibly including Billy McMahon] one still hears the faithful espousing her need for 'clean air.'
She - who played 'dirty - pool' with every essential, basic element of politics.

Never mind the lies - quoted by her eviscerators: and touted to be the reason for her catastrophic polling. I reckon her disdain for the any cost - benefit analysis for biggest white elephant in history will be remembered by everyone who has a rational head.

When Rudd replaces her I will glean satisfaction from the animus between K07 and the Minister for NBN   - the Communication Minister Steven Conroy.

Pathetically the spending of $B50 will continue: no matter what faction - the left knows no better.

Come to think of it Climate Lunacy would be worse in the medium - if there will be a medium term.
There certainly will be no long term !

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