Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Julia Gillard intuitively behaves irrationally.

Vale Labor madness.

The extreme leftist Julia Gillard intuitively behaves irrationally.
It is the way she is.
Notice however that her fellow luvvies, whilst pathetically criticising her for not being able to ''sell her policies'' -  simultaneously claim that because she is a woman she ''needs clear air.''

Nirvana will unfold in their tiny minds via the astonishing hype based hope that things will turn around if they wait for the carbon tax to get acceptance, wait for the budget and all sorts of asinine evidence - vitiated twirpery and toothfairy based forlorn furphies.

Never does the thought seemingly occur to these deniers of evidence - based reality that it is Gillard, her scores of disasters and  their constant spin in all portfolios, asinine economically irrational policies and their lack of credibility with voters that is the problem.

Someone recently wrote that ''the left has never won a rational argument.'' Indeed: how could they when it is with pride phrases like economic rationalism are reconfigured!

So I put to you that the left are naturally stupid.
It is the way they are.

They will again soon change leaders via their favourite infantile musical - chairs game; but the new / old leader will try merely claim 'clean air.' Nothing will change.

It is the way of their  post - modernist madness - wherein there is no absolute truth or logic.


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