Thursday, 10 May 2012

Denatured and undrinkable: cliches of socialism

Denatured and undrinkable: cliches of socialism

At least the new Greens leader Milne has no difficulty admiting the budget is about redistributing wealth, socialist style.
Gillard and her acolyte Swan fail to realize that the electorate will not swallow what is plainly denatured clichedom.

''Prioritising funds, helping the battlers, spread the benefits of this boom, someone else's boom, someone else's prosperity, spreading the benefits, sharing fairly the benefits of the resources boom, funded from the mining tax,  - and much more.
All under the aegis of ''staying true to Labor ideals.'' Which I guess it is: classical socialism, with constant jealous references to the 'rich.'
And Swan says in his budget speech that his ''purpose is to create more wealth ..and create a fairer community''

Oh yes? They have actually formalized it via the ''new Spreading the Benefits of the Boom package: $3.6 bn to share the proceeds of the mining tax with families and small business.''

I think David Speer's earlier throw - away line about this being an election budget - was not serious.
Bachus would not drink this belabored brew. 

Specially denatured alcohol

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
specially denatured alcohol (SDA) is one of many types of denatured alcohol specified under the US Code of Federal RegulationsTitle 27 Section 21.151.[1] A specially denatured alcohol is a combination of ethanol and another chemical, e.g. ethyl acetate in SDA 29, 35, and 35A, added to render the mixture unsuitable for drinking.[2] Often an SDA is used in cosmetic products but can also be used in chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and solvents.[3] The use of denatured, non-beverage suitable, alcohol in the USAavoids excise taxes on alcohol[4]

Bacchus (Michelangelo) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The statue is somewhat over life-size and depicts Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, in a revolutionary inebriated state. Along with the Pietà it is one of only two ...

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