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Affirmative Inanity on 3AW this morning

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Affirmative Inanity on 3AW this morning 
In reference to Nicole Brady - your in -  house girlie from the Age.
This tangent was explored ; raised by her around 9 45 am today.
I am afraid I agree with you, Neil Mitchell!
This young lady's reductionist method of arguing for the sisterhood was via the childish need of refering to the dictionary for the definition of 'femininist' - being in favour of equal pay and rights et all.
Then she insisted that no one could credibly not be a femininist.
Lovely: you countered that indeed it has been taken further.
Please note this below.
  1. Affirmative inanity indeed takes it further! It is obvious. It is formally, internationally, pathetically been designated as Affirmative Action. With no sense of shame the femininists so diminish and abuse our minds.
  2. Emily's list - Joan Kirner and her fanatics - have indeed taken it a lot further! Indeed - whenever women discredit themselves - the sisterhood uses the guise / excuse of 'femininism' as an inverted excuse. They gave us Julia Gillard! Now the girlies are 'forever' blaming men for mistreating her politically; they insist that men would not be so criticised..  It is so pathetically ubiquituous.Sensible women vitiate this femininist nonsese which is really Affirmative Inanity AKA Insanity.
  3. Oh - by the way: a significant percentage of women never aspire to having a job: they are plainly satisfied with raising children.Therefore equality - or even near - equality with respect to women and high - profile jobs is plainly absurdium abominated to new levels. The demographers would have a ball, as would clear - thinkers. If the boss simply chooses the best candidate - as is his self 0- interest - then it is a n unspeakable insult to make him choose a female.
Why do I bother?
If you pass this on to Nicole - she will probably not understand: she is a woman.
Humour intended!
What are the chances that The Age - her employer - will publish this?
Only when Emily lists me!
What I have to do to elicit this unhappy emasculating event?

Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Grove
East St Kilda 3183
03 9525 9299

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