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Climate Killer tomatoes are not funny

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Climate Killer -  tomatoes are not funny

Those were the days!
 The 1990's and earlier when the CSIRO did real research in discovering wi - fi technology which will now reward them and the government with hundreds of millions of dollars.
No doubt the over 900 CSIRO scientists, the thousands of academics and misguided students at universities, the scores of  lobbyists wasting their time studying, promoting and making big moneys from their gravy train AKA 'climate - change science,' will demand that more of this windfall be frittered on their  regularly - discredited 'work'!
I can say with certainty that a better - quality of  life could be extended to sufferers of medical tragedies. And it is clear to this writer that it indubitably follows on that 'Climate Lunacy' is ensuring that more die waiting for cures heart disease, cancer and medical things tragic!
Those dying for want of a cure should ensure that their family sue the government who act so irresponsibly - and encourage others to do so.
That will focus their minds - even if common sense would never do so.

CSIRO wins legal battle over wi-fi patent

Updated April 02, 2012 08:23:19

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The Federal Government has described a multi-million-dollar legal settlement over CSIRO's wi-fi technology as a major boost for the organisation.
The settlement secures more than $220 million for CSIRO, which invented the technology in the 1990s.
Wi-fi technology is used in more than 3 billion electronic devices worldwide, including personal computers, video games and mobile phones.
The settlement is the second successful litigation to be conducted by the CSIRO, which patented the technology and now has licence agreements with 23 telecommunications companies.

Science and Research Minister Chris Evans says the latest agreement brings total revenue for the CSIRO's technology to almost $430 million.
"It was important that Australia protect its intellectual property, and that those major companies who are selling billions of devices pay for the technology that they were using," he said.
Senator Evans says Australian science is world-class.
"While we always celebrate Cathy Freeman, or other sports stars, it's time we celebrated Australian scientists and recognised that Australian science is leading the world in development of new technologies and earning income for Australia," he said.
The CSIRO's Nigel Poole said in a statement the organisation was delighted at the development.
"The wireless LAN technology, commonly known as wi-fi, is in over three billion devices worldwide – and it will grow to five billion products by 2013 when the patents expire," he said.
"We guess that means most households in the developed world have more than five wi-fi consumer devices connecting themselves reliably to the internet and to each other without wires."
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