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GS: Vatican releases part of secret files.

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Vatican releases part of secret files.

It is fascinating why merely only an arguably small part of the Vatican secret archives are being released.
" We don't want this material to be kept secret.'' -  Vatican archivist Ebnrico Flaiani said - claiming  that the archive is a ''mere victim of Latin lost in translation.''

Ref. The Wall Street Journal undated and The Australian on March 2, 2012

He insisted that  the decision to call the Archivum Secretum Vaticanum a ''secret archive'' was a mistake''
adding that the translation should have been ''personal archive.''

It is easy to be cynical - when documents dating from  to 1939 - the World War ll era of Pius Xll are ''locked behind metal fences.''

The Vatican apparently ''need time to index the files'' - under the aegis / excuse of  of ''papal prerogative.''
''Nice'' / non - controversial   documents - relating to Pope Paul Vl the Vatican  found time to index!

I guess the Vatican eventually will allow Jews to reclaim the tons of religious artifacts  the ancient Church raided from Jewish Temple!
Or merely initially  allow the perusal of them! Under ''papal prerogative?''

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